Wearing A Wig Properly

People use wigs for different reasons like covering an area where hair is lacking, or they just want to try wearing a long blonde wig for the day. Whatever the use of a wig, there are some things that you should know before buying one.

There are two types of wig, synthetic and human hair. Synthetic uses artificial fiber while human hair, as the name implies uses actual hair. Each type requires different care, so it is important to know what kind of wig you need before heading straight to a wig store.

long blonde wig

It can be intimidating when you are wearing a wig for the first time. Here is a list of tips that will allow you get that natural look:

Installing them can be tricky. There are adhesives and tapes available to make the wig stay in place. The rule of the thumb is not to use adhesive and tape at the same time. Use only one to avoid scalp damage.

Cleaning requirements depend on the kind of wig. There are specific shampoo and conditioner to use for each kind of wig. If not used properly, the lifespan of a wig shortens drastically.

Brushing should never be done if your wig is wet. It can cause the wig to stretch which in turn causes permanent damage. There is a different brush for your wigs. Your normal brush does not work well because they can stress out the fibers.

You can use heat to style your human hair wig. The synthetic wig, however, is heat sensitive. Curling irons and hot rollers is a big no. Heat will damage your synthetic wigs which can cause the fiber to melt.

A wig mount is recommended when storing your wigs to keep it in shape.

When sleeping with a wig on, only use a silk pillow case. This will prevent friction and reduces the chance for tangles.

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