Making Your Own Deep House Mix

deephousemusicThe drum pattern is one of the basic elements in a deep house record. The pattern follows a 4/4 format and rarely goes out of the way aside from minor alteration throughout the record. By using a program, you can make your own pattern. Among the common programs that are free are Hammerhead and Drumbot. But if you really want the real deal you are better off using a drum machine. A good drum machine should come with a lot of drum sounds that you can mix your created sounds into it. They are very cheap and easy to use. You can create a more natural feeling vibe when you let your fingers do the pads. Despite of the 4/4 pattern, the swing applied is a big factor in creating the loose feel of the music.

When looking for the sound of your drum be sure to avoid overused samples. You want your music to stand out among the rest and create your own unique vibe. There are a lot of sources for drum samples online. Try listening to ethnic percussion or some early hip-hop beats. Take one and try to mix and match with the other elements. Deep house music should be mixed in order to emphasize the kick drum and hi-hats. If your drum feels loose you can always try compression and side-chaining.

Know what type of riffs you will use at the start. The direction of music will be determined by the melody, chord pad and riff that you use. You may use the standard sounds that are already in the device but be sure to manipulate it by trying different effects.

The best deep house music is all about giving a smooth and cool vibe. It should never be as energetic and noisy like techno house or electro house music.

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