FIFA 18 Tips And Tricks

fifa18pictureOne of the first skills to practice for FIFA 18 players would be the dribbling. You can practice them within your are. You should be able to dribble in all directions before you can play decently. Remember that you have to use the RS/R in the direction you are looking. You should at least get a handle on at least two dribbling skills.

Now, remember, once you’ve mastered them, don’t do it too often when you’re in the game. Do one dribbling skill and then pass. Try to shoot when your player is free, be as close to the goal as possible. But don’t only shoot when you are 100% sure. You ought to try to shoot whenever it is viable. This can boost the morale of your team.

On FIFA shooting, it’s better to make use of the finesse shot that the normal shot. Do not hold the B/CIRCLE button too long since this will give too much power on your kick. The ball is most likely to go upwards.

Learning the tactics. First, you need to fine tune your direction buttons. A bit of direction turning can greatly improve your performance in passing through your attackers. Having a good balance on dribbling and passing is crucial to keeping the ball.

One of the few tricks would be hogging the ball as long as you can. This frustrates your opponent. However, shooting a goal in the last minutes is not that easy for newbies. This can make you lose all the effort trying to hog the ball.

You can pull or push the opponents using the runners with the use of B / Circle button. You can get away with it since the referees don’t notice this most of the time.

There are only a few tips offered here if you want more you can check out some of the FIFA 18 websites. You can also find the FIFA 18 release date on these websites. There are also some Youtube channels our there dedicated solely for FIFA.


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