What is costume jewelry

If you are to define fashion in a single word, it should be change. Fashion is changing everyday. The information we get daily from different sources like books, internet, movies and advertisements allows us to get new fashion ideas. That is why in order to cope with change you need get a good set of cheap costume jewelry.

There were three civilizations that affected the development of jewelries. These were China, Egypt and India. These civilizations laid the ground work for European civilizations view of jewelries.

costume jewelryThese past decades, costume jewelries have made into everyone’s fashion life. There are countless designs to choose from. The gems used in these jewelries are made from laboratories. They can be mass produced into any color possible.

Mimicking valuable jewelry pieces require different materials. To copy gold a designer will use base metal and coat it with gold tone plating. Swarovski rhinestones were first introduced in the 1950s. They are what replaces the precious gems. Sometimes, costume jewelries have freshwater pearls are used too instead of pearls from the sea. Freshwater pearls are not considered to be precious.

When going to a formal event, a plain dress will do if you accessorize it with the right costume jewelry. A large eye catching piece can easily be paired with a plain dress. For more elaborate design outfit you can wear earrings to add a bit of flair.

The proper way of storing your jewelry is by means of a velvet cloth. This will prevent scratches and prolong the lifespan of your jewelry. If you are using it daily it is highly recommended to wipe it clean before storing it. Your perspiration and body oil can cause chemical reactions that can damage your jewelries.

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